Volvo Trucks the Epic Split November 2013.
But in the peak of the crisis, some individuals and organizations rallied behind Harveys victims, in what has become one of the strongest showings of charity fundraising pizza hut online coupons that work in American history.
Old Spice February 2010, no viral video chart would be complete without this gem, with many hilarious follow on videos, this made Old Spice the brand that marketers everywhere wanted to work with.
According to research out by the annual.Taking place over the course of the summer, the video below summing up the campaign was uploaded in February 2016.Between GEs #BalanceTheEquation hashtag and its m website, the company has secured thousands of retweets and comments, all while making inroads with younger girls who could one day become the stem experts of tomorrow.In their "Like a Girl" campaign, the company uses the famous insult to grab your attention - and then change the conversation about what it means to run, throw, and fight "like a girl." They've gotten a lot of praise since the campaign began.Astros Earn It, can the promotion of a new slogan lead a major league baseball team to victory?
To promote the movie Carrie, a New York coffee shop was transformed for a hidden camera stunt to capture shoppers reactions to telekinesis.

Now it's your turn.And at the forefront of this effort is their Cisco Champions Program, a marketing campaign which offers incentives for its community of IT advocates and experts.Seventy-three percent of respondents in a 2015 Web Video Marketing Council study indicated that video had a positive impact on their marketing results.A strange idea, but it worked nonetheless gaining over 893,000 shares during launch.Three UK #DancePonyDance February 2013, threes advert featuring a moonwalking pony became an instant viral hit amassing a whopping.7M views to date.The landscape is cluttered with meaningless slogans and pushy sales pitches.The Scarecrow is an animated short film that portrays a dystopian world in which a ficitonal food corporation dominates the industry.Digital marketing campaigns have become more creative than ever, with many different platforms to deliver branded content to your audiences.

Though it can be tough to pull off, it can lower the barrier between you and your audience and establish a sense of relatability.
Its been one wild year in the world of social media marketing.
Because of the cost, the simplicity, and the incredible targeting capabilities of course!