top 5 viral marketing campaigns

Everybody is dusting off their gym memberships and smoking their last pack of cigarettes before the New Year.
Essentially, its a whodunnit movie shown in 15-second clips over almost a month keeping users engaged, and proving to be a first for Instagram.
In early 2017, a number of Facebook pages protesting the inauguration of President Donald Trump began to receive wide attention.
In a moment of marketing brilliance, which was almost too bright to stare at directly, Chiquita took full credit for the 2017 solar eclipse, dubbing the suns crescent shape the Banana Sun.Some of these campaigns were true grass-root movements, while others were driven by companies.KFCs 11 Herbs and Spices.Not only have SodaStream created a hilarious series of ads, but they have also managed to employ one of the most talked about celebrities of 2016.Knorr hit the nail on the head with this one, with the video attracting over 60 million views!The video has over.3M views on and there have been various follow up videos.One of the most innovative public safety videos of all time, dumb ways to die was a hit around the world and there have since been numerous sequels creates.I dont know about you, but Id much rather watch a reality TV show about Millie Dresselhaus than another season of the Kardashians.
Just to clear things up, an Eggo is basically a frozen waffle from Kellogg's - a product they placed throughout season one of Netflix original show, Stranger Things.
And get better they did.

His original goal of 200,000 was blown apart as millions of donations poured in thanks to the efforts of social heavy hitters like Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres, along with others such as hip-hop star Drake and Tennessee Titans owner, Amy Adams Strunk.To plug the second season of Stranger Things, Netflix and Kelloggs Eggo paired up to open the show with a short clip of the frozen waffles and the social team at Eggo pounced on Twitter to capitalise on the exposure.Although not actually started by Cancer Research UK, the Guardian reported the charity had received over 8m in donations thanks to the campaign.What have been some of your favourite digital marketing campaigns of 2016 so far?Dragon's Den owned gift experience provider Red Letter Days cut through the noise this Mother's Day by launching a clever campaign titled Mum's Day Off (or #MumsDayOff ).KFC, capitalizing even more on the publicity, painted Edgette a portrait of him riding on Colonel Sanders back with a chicken drumstick in his hand.And this years Its Been Weird theme will be larger than ever, encompassing 14 markets around the world, and requiring the assistance of 70 artists to create over 100 billboards assets.Because #7 on our list of top 10 influential social media events for 2017 is the womens march, a protest movement that exploded onto the scene thanks to viral social media hype.Chart, heres the videos sorted by views (at the time of writing this post).Root!, you can only get better from there.There are not enough words to thank you all for your generosity.
All they ask in return is for these Cisco Champions to share their stories and experiences with Cisco Systems over social media.
So it has credentials.

There have now been several videos in this series (including a Christmas one all featuring The Mountain from Game of Thrones.
The results have been incredible.
Volvo Trucks the Epic Split November 2013.