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Cairo_set_source_surface(cr, age, 10, 10 cairo_mask_surface(cr, rface, 10, 10 cairo_stroke(ic Using the mask operation, we draw the portions of the image on the window.Using Cairo with Visual Studio, a very basic guide for those who want to develop cairo applications using Visual Studio.Gint i, j; for (i 0; i g_height; i7) for (j 0 ; j count; j) cairo_move_to(ic, 0, ij cairo_line_to(ic, g_width, ij We gradully draw lines into each of the n parts.Timer) return false; gtk_widget_queue_draw(widget return true; int main(int argc, char *argv) GtkWidget *window; GtkWidget *darea; init_vars gtk_init( argc, argv window darea gtk_drawing_area_new (window darea "draw G_callback(on_draw_event null "destroy G_callback(gtk_main_quit null GTK_WIN_POS_center 325, 250 "Spectrum g_timeout_add(400, (GSourceFunc) time_handler, (gpointer) window gtk_widget_show_all(window gtk_main cairo_surface_destroy(age cairo_surface_destroy(rface return 0;.Kattameya Heights (New Cairo tel:, tel: salon for men.We will also create some effects with images.

Cairo_paint(cr We paint kostenlose gutscheine erstellen und drucken the source on the window.There's not nearly as much cairo-specific detail there, but it's worth mentioning it here for completeness.In spite of the name, this tutorial provides a one-of-a-kind introduction to the cairo concepts and models that will be helpful to programmers using cairo from any programming language.The text written on an image is called a watermark.A very clean, short, well-written tutorial by Davyd Madeley.You can get the sources by running git clone to submit changes, please send patches.